Contains an extended set of information that can be sent with the notification including images and localizable values.

Public Properties

public string Body { get; set; }

The text of the alert message.

public string LocalizableActionKey { get; set; }

If a string is specified, displays an alert with two buttons. However, iOS uses the string as a key to get a localized string in the current localization to use for the right button’s title instead of “View”. If the value is null, the system displays an alert with a single OK button that simply dismisses the alert when tapped.

public string LocalizableKey { get; set; }

A key to an alert-message string in a Localizable.strings file for the current localization (which is set by the user’s language preference). The key string can be formatted with %@ and %n$@ specifiers to take the variables specified in loc-args.

public List<String> LocalizableValues { get; private set; }

Variable string values to appear in place of the format specifiers in loc-key. See “Localized Formatted Strings” for more information.

public string LaunchImage { get; set; }

The filename of an image file in the application bundle; it may include the extension or omit it. The image is used as the launch image when users tap the action button or move the action slider. If this property is not specified, the system either uses the previous snapshot,uses the image identified by the UILaunchImageFile key in the application’s Info.plist file, or falls back to Default.png.

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