Public Constructors

public NotificationPayload()

Creates an empty notification payload

public NotificationPayload(ApnsAlert alertBody)

Parameter Name Parameter Type Description
alertBody ApnsAlert The body of the alert to send, this can either be an instance of an ApnsAlert or an ExtendedApnsAlert.

Creates a notification payload with the specifyed alert body.

Public Properties

public ApnsAlert AlertBody { get; set; }
If this property is included, iOS displays a standard alert. You may specify a string as the value of alert or an instance of a ExtendedApnsAlert. If you specify a string, it becomes the message text of an alert with two buttons: Close and View. If the user taps View, the application is launched.

public int? Badge { get; set; }
The number to display as the badge of the application icon. If this property is absent, any badge number currently shown is removed.

public string Sound { get; set; }
The name of a sound file in the application bundle. The sound in this file is played as an alert. If the sound file doesn’t exist or default is specified as the value, the default alert sound is played.

public IDictionary<string, string> CustomArguments { get; }
A dictionary of custom arguments that are sent with the notification.

Public Methods

public byte[] ToByteArray()
Converts the notification to its raw byte representation.

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